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The Spice City Journal | February 26, 2018

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Manchester Super Store Group win prestigious BBC food award

Manchester Super Store Group win prestigious BBC food award
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  • On 18, May 2015

Abdul Ghafoor who founded the Manchester Super Stores in Manchester nearly 25 years ago has received national recognition.

His fast-growing chain of supermarkets sell produce and products from around the world and are likened to an Aladdin’s Cave of Food.

The Manchester Super Store Group’s Liverpool store on Lodge Lane in Toxteth has won the prestigious BBC Food & Farming Award for 2015 in the category of ‘Food Retailer of the Year’.

The store and their team was praised for the way it had brought together a diverse community, in a once challenging area, by providing a colourful shopping experience with goods on offer from around the globe.

Toxteth has struggled to shake off the image of violence created by the riots that made this area of Liverpool notorious over thirty years ago, so it makes the achievement all the more impressive, suggests Diana Henry in the Telegraph.

Yet Ghafoor – a one-time milkman from Rochdale – takes huge pride in sourcing his global produce for the diverse local community. “I have everything here that everyone local needs,” he told Henry for her article; so much so that the store is locally nicknamed ‘the United Nations’.

As a place where they sell everything from Egyptian mulberry syrup and nearly forty kinds of lentil to Afghan rice and every kind of cooking oil, attracting Jamaicans, Indians, Africans, Poles and Irish – it is easy to see how it got this name.

Manchester Super Stores has seven stores in Greater Manchester with another three scattered throughout the North of England. They are the largest ethnic supermarket chain in the North, and growing.

Source: The Telegraph and BBC News


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