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The Spice City Journal | February 26, 2018

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Catering Circle Roadshow invites curry houses to address industry crisis

Catering Circle Roadshow invites curry houses to address industry crisis
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  • On 01, Oct 2015

A TV roadshow coming to Oldham this October is asking curry houses across the region to join a discussion looking at what can be done to solve the curry crisis.

Despite enjoying status as one of Britain’s ‘most loved’ foods and generating around £4.1 billion for the economy, the curry industry is in danger of decline if a number of endemic issues cannot be resolved.

Representatives from around 200 curry houses and businesses from the North West are expected to come together to address what The Catering Circle describes as the ‘slow death of the curry house in Britain’, on Tuesday 13 October 2015, from 12noon until 3pm.

The Roadshow of The Catering Circle will take place at the Eastern Pavilion Banqueting Hall, Featherstall Road South, Oldham, OL9 6HL and will feature eminent speakers from the catering sector and Channel S TV.

The show has already visited a number of towns across the UK, inviting industry figures and business leaders to join in the discussion.

The event will look at how curry has become an integral part of British culture, yet the survival of the curry industry is threatened with a lack of chefs, staff shortages, tax rises, escalating business costs and an inability to adapt to emerging technology.

Experts will speak across a number of fields, advising business owners on a whole range of subjects – from immigration and the legal sector, to embracing technology and keeping up to date with accounts. They will encourage the audience to explore ways to sustain their business and provide solutions for longevity within the industry.

Mr Ahmed us Samad Chowdhury JP, Chairman of Channel S and Chief Adviser for The Catering Circle said: “Bangladeshis have been at the forefront of contributing to British society by creating this vibrant industry – curry has gone on to become one of Britain’s most loved cuisines. With many Bangladeshis arriving in Britain in the1950s the curry house has been the first stepping stone in building their futures and that of their children in Britain. It now stands as a symbol of pride in their history and heritage. Yet it is dying and we need to take steps to save it”.

The Oldham Roadshow will be followed by a live TV programme exploring the hot topics within the curry industry. The show, called ‘The Catering Circle’, is due to be broadcast early next year on one of the UK’s leading TV Channels dedicated to the Bangladeshi community – Channel S (Sky 814) in association with Purple-I Technologies.

For more information or to register to attend visit, or call 0845 388 7867.

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