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The Spice City Journal | January 21, 2018

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Chef Moklis Miah- The Green Chilli

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  • On 06, Sep 2013

Afruj Choudhury

The Green Chilli Takeaway is located in Fitton Hill, Oldham, and serves authentic Indian culinary delights.  The food is cooked by an expert team of chefs; one of them is Chef- Moklis Miah who prepares exciting and tasty food to make the home dining experience original and top class, all in the comfort of your own home.

As always I am curious about life as a professional chef: what inspires them, what their challenges are and what made them become chefs?  So I take the time to visit curry businesses and put my questions to the chefs.  I want to gain a better understanding of them, to find out their cooking techniques and experiences and to expose their hidden talent and ambition.


So chef let’s have a curry talk…


Where were you trained and how difficult was your training?

I worked for my first 4 years in the best Restaurant and Takeaways throughout the North West.  The food was upmarket and stunning at those kitchens.  The chefs were in their element – at their peak; I was most fortunate to observe and learn from the real flavour makers.


How did you manage to claim up the culinary ladder?

I always started as a dish washer in every kitchen.  I worked for few months on dishes in a separate area or room glimpsing at the food whenever I could.  They knew I was keen and I used to get promoted to chef helping out at functions and basic prep.  Those were the moments I enjoyed in heaven at that stage; I had never tasted or seen food like this in my life at the age of 17 years.


How would you describe your style of cooking?

A few words that I would use are thoughtful, delicate, restrained, layers.  Equally as exciting to look at as it is to eat.


What inspires your cooking?

The satisfaction of my customers is my biggest inspiration.


Is cooking curry in at home different from cooking it for the customers?

Yes, because people at home love their food very spicy and hot, the majority of customers usually like it mild to medium.


What is the biggest challenge in your job?

The biggest challenge I face in my job is satisfying all customers and always trying to accommodate any possible request to meet their choice of taste.


What do you want to achieve with your cooking?

To compete with the best and get recognition as an award winning chef and to become a role model in the curry industry.


Have you experienced any cooking heat off competition?

Yes!  I did in 1998 – I was the runner up of Oldham Curry Chef competition, it was a great confidence boosting experience but unfortunately it doesn’t take place anymore.


What are your best cooking creations?

Experimenting with new cooking ideas and always trying to create something different with a new twist and flavour.


What did you learn from your senior mentor chefs when you began your culinary ambition that you still use in your kitchen today?

To cook all food with wholly natural spices and herbs and not to use any artificial or processed sauces; above all hygienically.


Would you do it again – train with aggressive chefs?

Absolutely, some of the treatment you get is shocking but you take the best traits from the best chefs and strive to work those techniques into everything you do.  Even the terrible chefs I have worked with have helped make me the person I am today as they showed me how not to behave, especially when you are cooking food for the general public.


Is there another chef that you most admire?       

Yes!  There are a few but at this moment it’s YOU!  You are truly reflecting your passion, ambition and drive.  You are one chef currently thinking ahead of his time.  You are putting an incredible amount of energy into promoting the likes of us ‘the hidden talents’.  And the cooking craft – and that extends to diner’s minds and palates with your work through Spice City.


Best piece of advice you would give a home enthusiast?

Those who are passionate about cooking keep all the chef’s notes so you can understand the concept and history of the dish.  If you can learn about how the chef thinks as well as why he likes it you will learn twice as much whenever you come across one.


Best cooking tip for a novice?

Seasoning is the key to tasty food.  Even when you make a leaf salad, season the leaves with a little salt and you will notice immediately the difference.  Always taste before you serve.  In my recipes I measure the seasoning so you don’t have to worry but you still need to take notice for when you try your own creations.


Thank you Chef, it was pleasure!  And thank you for your time talking to the Spice City Journal; keep serving up those mouth-watering dishes!  A chef’s job is one of the most rewarding in life if you are passionately committed.  It is extremely challenging and demanding but it’s the best way to satisfy anyone without knowing or communicating with food lovers.


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